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Livigno, the "Little Tibet" of the Italian Alps

In the heart of the Italian Alps: A virtual window on Livigno

Published May 2020 – Updated April 2022

“Livigno is getting ready to host the Australian Winter Olympic Team in 2026. Why not experience the sites where many of our athletes will fight for a medal during the 2022/23 winter”

Enjoy a snapshot from the picturesque village of Livigno, one of the most renowned ski destinations in Europe.

Livigno is a picturesque village in the Alta Valtellina region of northern Italy.

The valley itself sits among the towering snow capped peaks along the Italian-Swiss border. It is a stunningly beautiful area that has developed into a world class ski resort in a manner that has retained the valley’s unspoiled natural beauty and its wonderful sense of isolation.

The Livigno area, and more precisely the parish of Trepalle is the highest permanently inhabited spot in Europe. It is a spectacular setting, renowned as "Little Tibet" by early tourists. It is a fascinating place, that enjoys a unique ambience setting it apart from other ski resorts. There are few ski areas that can compare with the majestic outlook from the top of the ski runs in Livigno.

It is a traditional alpine village with a unique character, having managed to successfully combine the timelessness of a rustic town, with the high energy of a stylish contemporary ski resort. Livigno has preserved its intimate ‘small village’ charm, along with its quaint architecture, traditions, and culture, while developing a growing reputation as one of the best ski resorts in Europe. So much so that Livigno is one of a handful of Italian ski areas to be chosen to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. In particular, Livigno will host all the snowboard and freestyle skiing events where I am sure Australians will play a big role.

And if skiing isn't enough there is an extraordinary range of winter activities and special events to keep visitors entertained throughout the season.

Then there is the shopping! Livigno is famous as a ‘tax free’ haven. The village has become a mecca for duty free shopping! Hidden away in the traditional old timber and stone buildings are numerous trendy boutiques and upmarket shops, along with elegant bars, restaurants and cafes.

It is a vibrant and energetic place, especially as the sun goes down, the ‘passeggiata’ begins and the village ‘lights up’.

Finally, Livigno is a truly ‘ski in & ski out’ resort.All the main lifts operate directly from the edge of the village and no matter where you're staying you are only few steps away from the slopes.



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