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Tips to keep you ski-fit

Get ski-ready!

Published July 2020 – Updated March 2022

“With the Australian winter season just around the corner let’s revisit Yuri’s tips to get to the slopes in tip top conditions”

Now that the Australian ski resorts have announced their opening dates for the 2020 winter season it is time to get your body ski-ready before you hit the slopes. Yuri, one of our trusted ski instructors from the DN Academy in the Dolomites, is sharing some of his top tips to strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Yuri’s dryland training workout:

5 x 30secs traditional plank with 10secs rest between reps

10 x each side hip pushing up, in side plank position

10 x each side deep lunges with upper body rotation

15 x squat jump

20 x one leg side jump (5 reps with 15/30sec rest)

If you are curious to see how the champions do it, have a look at Lindsey Vonn training back in 2016 at the US Ski and Snowboard Center of Excellence 

Stay fit and be safe on the slopes!



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