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An update from the "Little Tibet" 

Insights from Livigno, Italian Alps

Published August 2020 – Updated April 2022

“As all the ski villages in the Italian Alps, Livigno enjoyed a busy winter in 2022 and is already getting ready to surprise its guests with new and improved facilities in 2023”

This month we are bringing you a snapshot from the picturesque village of Livigno, one of the most renowned ski destinations in Europe. We have asked Martina Bormolini, Marketing Manager for Livigno, to give us an update on the current summer season and share with us her thoughts on the 2020/21winter season.

Italian holiday destinations are now half way through their summer season. Tourists have flocked to the mountains in big numbers looking for fresh air, space and tranquillity.

SkiItaly asked Martina Bormolini, Marketing Communication Manager for Livigno, to give us a an update on how things are going and what are the plans and expectations for their 2020/21winter season.



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