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Bombardino by Hotel Concordia, Livigno

An Alpine Icon - Bombardino

August, 2020

One of the highlights when skiing in Italy is a break at one of the many gorgeous rifugi. And when in a mountain hut you cannot go past Bombardino, a wicked and decadent hot drink which has now become an icon across the Alps.

Read on to replicate the magic at home.

Invented in Livigno back in 1972 this unmissable drink quickly cast its spell all over the Italian Alps and over the borders to the neighbouring Switzerland, France, and Austria.

Originally referred to with a generic description (“hot eggnog with whisky and whipped cream) the current name stuck when an anonymous first time taster exclaimed “Accidenti, e’ una bomba!”, which translates “Damn, it’s a bomb!”

There are a number of ways to make Bombardino, but the original recipe is the one our friends from Hotel Concordia in Livigno, one of the first hotels in the valley, sent us. They would not make it any other way! It wouldn’t be a “real’ Bombardino otherwise …


  • 1/3 Vov (Italian egg liqueur)
  • 1/3 whisky
  • 1/3 fresh milk
  • fresh cream


  • Gently warm the egg liqueur
  • Pour whisky into a glass mug
  • Add fresh milk to the mug
  • Pour warm egg liqueur over the whisky/ milk mixture
  • Gently stir to combine well
  • Whip cream and pipe in to your liking
  • Serve warm



  • Sprinkle ground cinnamon or cocoa powder on top


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