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Spring Skiing and the "Pasquali" Tradition in Bormio

Published March 2015 – Updated April 2022

The centuries long tradition of the Pasquali is back in Bormio this year. Experience culture and craftmanship this Easter, Sunday, 17th April.

For those planning their ski holiday in the Northern hemisphere why not consider travelling during the Easter break and if you love skiing there is no better period in the Italian Alps! Snow abounds, the days are longer and warmer and the villages are getting ready for the biggest celebration of the year, Easter.

If you are after more than great skiing for your next holiday on the snow and looking for culture, ancient traditions and a real Italian atmosphere, then Bormio in Alta Valtellina, Italy should be on your “to visit” list!

On Easter Sunday, the streets and piazzas of Bormio become the unique stage for the ancient tradition of Pasquali. In the morning the villagers, young and old alike, dress in their traditional costume and gather together for a spectacular parade along the pedestrian area of the historic centre.

During the parade of the "Pasquali", religious themed floats created under extreme secrecy during the winter by local groups belonging to the five ancient neighbourhoods of Bormio are carried on shoulders to the main square. The floats get judged based on criteria such as religious meaning, artistic value and craftsmanship. The one with most points wins glory and financial rewards. And as typical in Italy, enthusiastic participation from locals and guests is highly encouraged.

This unique tradition is believed to stem from ancient pagan rituals when a sacrificial lamb was offered to the gods. With the advent of Christianity since 1606, it then evolved into the presentation and blessing of five towns with blessing to live lambs.

Today it is part of the DNA of the town as much as skiing and the Roman thermal baths. So, why not plan a visit next Easter.



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